Smart Casual Women Summer 2021
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Smart Casual Women Summer 2021

Are you perplexed by the term “smart casual”? Allow me to assist you in locating a solution to the problem. Discover how to style smart casual women’s summer outfits. See some examples to help you understand it even faster.

What is women’s smart casual attire?

Smart casual is a mix of casual and more polished, classy clothing for women. Consider it a more relaxed phase of the business casual dress code. More specifically, you must dress in outfits that are both elegant and comfortable.

Check out my post with a business casual attire guide if you haven’t already.

It will assist you in distinguishing between these two dress codes. It will become clearer to you.

You can put together smart-casual outfits in three simple steps in any season, not just summer. And here are some pointers:

Step 1

Choose something with a polished, classy appearance. Choose an elegant dress, skirt, top, shirt, or pants based on your preferences. It can be anything that makes you feel at ease.

Step 2

After you’ve chosen a smart-looking piece, you’ll need to pair it with something more casual. If you’re wearing a formal gown, you can make it smart-casual by wearing your favorite sneakers (same goes with skirt). If you only wear a top or shirt, pair it with denim jeans to make your outfit more casual. So forth and so on.

Step 3

When you’ve matched everything, try to accessories the outfit. You can achieve this by accessorizing your look with sunglasses, jewelry, or a chic handbag.

If you follow these three steps, you will be able to easily create a variety of stylish Smart Casual Women Summer 2021. Where should you wear Smart Casual Women Summer 2021? It’s not difficult to guess that it’s ideal for office wear. Aside from that, if you like it, you can wear it anywhere.

smart casual women's summer outfits

Can you wear jeans in Smart Casual Women Summer 2021?

Yes, you most certainly can. It is without a doubt, as opposed to business casual. The only thing left to do is pair it with an elegant top for a more polished look. You must have a classy appearance while also feeling comfortable in it.

If you still think it’s a problem, wear dark jeans. Pair it with a lovely shirt and you’re done. With a smart casual dress code, you have the perfect outfit.

There are a few other things to consider. It’s best to avoid heavily distressed jeans. Because it is becoming far too casual. So, keep that in mind if you need to stay in Smart Casual Women Summer 2021. You can wear jeans with simple cuts (on your knee) and that aren’t too busy on the eyes.

Always go for the most basic pieces in your wardrobe.

Smart Casual Women Summer 2021

Smart casual outfit ideas for Summer

Blue jeans and a cute ruffle-sleeved top

smart casual women's summer outfits

This is a great smart casual outfit for the summer. Do you notice how elegant it is while also being very comfortable? That’s all you need to know about this outfit.

Because it always looks classy and elegant, white is the ultimate color for smart casual dress code. Also, if you have some pieces in your closet, use them to achieve the desired look.

When it gets colder in the evening, you can also put on your blazer. The blazer is an essential piece that you must have if you want to create business or smart casual outfits. No matter how strict your office rules are, a blazer can never go wrong with any of these dress codes.

smart casual women's summer outfits

Classy top tucked in your pants

You’ve probably noticed how popular it is to tuck tops into pants. I think it looks great because it makes your waist appear smaller and more elegant. As a result, you should try using this technique to create smart-casual outfits.

Denim or any other casual pants can be worn on your lower body. However, keep in mind that the dress code requires that you feel comfortable in it. Simply pick one and pair it with an elegant top that will be tucked in. You can complete the look with a lovely clutch or handbag.

Pleated midi skirt and the top

Wearing a skirt with sneakers was once considered strange. However, new trends emerge over time. That’s how these two items made their way onto the fashion radar.

You can wear a more casual top than the one shown here. Because this skirt is neither formal nor casual. However, sneakers will always elevate your outfit to the level of smart casual. Sunglasses will be an excellent addition to this look.

smart casual women's summer outfits

Classy top and a wide leg pants

Wearing wide-leg pants is another upcoming trend that is gaining popularity this year.

Choose a lovely top and match it with wide-leg pants and sneakers (you can go with high heels or pumps too). If you know your body shape, I can tell you that you are a lucky inverted triangle. Because it’s a great summer outfit for people with an inverted triangle body shape. In the meantime, you can find the best summer dresses for inverted triangles right here. You will find very helpful styling tips for that body type. Don’t pass it up!

Black jeans, a simple blouse, and a statement necklace complete the look.

This is the one if you’re looking for something a little different. All you’ll need is a simple print blouse, black denim jeans, and a stunning statement necklace.

If you’re trying to style for a smart casual dress code, combining these three pieces is more than enough. I agree that a designer handbag will elevate the look of your outfit. Read More

smart casual women's summer outfits

Choose one stylish graphic tee and one midi skirt.

Nothing beats wearing something that no one else has. Right? The thing is, there is a website called Tee spring where you can design your own tops. I like that website because there are so many different ways to have something unique. I don’t think you have to miss that. Simply write your favorite quote on your top and place your order. It’s incredible!

However, if you are not very good at design, you can simply buy one from your local store. Then choose a midi skirt that complements your top, and that’s all there is to it. You can also wear sneakers with this outfit.

smart casual women's summer outfits

What are the best shoes for smart casual?

After you’ve finished your outfit, choose your shoes. White sneakers are an excellent choice. However, depending on your attire, you should choose between classy and casual. Short heeled sandals are another example of smart casual footwear.

I don’t think sneakers will go with your outfit if you’re wearing too many classy pieces. So, as I’ve mentioned several times, you should try to include at least one comfortable piece in your outfit and pair it with sneakers. That’s going to be a good one. Read More

In that case, smart casual sandals are an additional option for you. Wedges have a more casual look, and high heeled sandals are also a good option.

If you enjoy wearing mules or loafers, they are ideal for a smart-casual look. This is due to the fact that they make your outfit look more polished and elegant. However, they are also very comfortable to wear for almost any occasion.


Another shoe option for this outfit is a pair of block heels. You can’t go wrong with any of those shoe styles. They will do an excellent job. If you wear mules, block heels, or loafers, it draws attention to your clothes. You already have the perfect pair of shoes for a smart casual look.

Don’t forget to look into the fashion trends that will be popular this fall and winter. You can incorporate them into your smart casual outfits for the upcoming seasons.

C o n c l u s i o n :

Styling for various dress codes can be difficult. However, if you know the basic steps, you can always fit into any attire. I hope my post was of assistance.

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