Best SmartWatches Under $100

SmartWatch Under $100:Smart watches are very convenient. They are portable and can provide you with a lot of valuable information such as heart rate, steps, calories burned, and don’t forget that they can still display the time. All of these are sitting on your wrist.

With the increasing popularity of this technology and more and more companies manufacturing this equipment, the supply-demand relationship formula is beneficial to you. In the past ten years, the applications provided by smart watches have been continuously updated every year. There are more choices in the market, more price drops.

Not everyone can easily spend a few hundred dollars on a smart watch. Therefore, we spent some time doing some research for you, and we found that some smart watches with a price of less than $100 can provide you with what the expensive models offer.visit our website for more details thanks


Letsfit Smart Watch

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UMIDIGI Uwatch3 Smart Watch

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YAMAY Smart Watch

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Willful Smart Watch

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Kalakate Smart Watch

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1. Letsfit


Letsfit’s large 1.3-inch touch screen displays your health and sports data in an easy-to-understand way, enabling you to make the right health decisions while tracking your progress and goals.


  • Waterproof rate: 5ATM
  • Uninterrupted operation time: more than 10 days
  • Battery charging time: 2-3 hours
  • Smartphone compatibility: iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4 and above, Bluetooth 4.0 (not applicable to PC or tablet)

We like 

The device is not only a health tracker, but also includes music monitoring and stress training. The charger is magnetic. Long battery life. The smartwatch feels sturdy and well-designed.Accurate and responsive touch screen, easy-to-learn swipe and tap gestures.

For Apple users: Watch notifications can be used with Apple iPhone 11. The VeryFitPro application synchronizes with Apple Health to record all indicators.We are not satisfied with.When you take it out at night, even if you are not sleeping, the device will automatically count the time as sleep time. The start time cannot be set manually.


  • Long battery life
  • The touch screen is very sensitive and accurate
  • The charger is easy to use and fast
  • Reliable step counter
  • Very comfortable to wear


  • Calls and text notifications look a bit like the old DOS command line
  • The English in the VeryFitPro app written by a non-native English speaker is confusing

2. UMIDIGI Uwatch3

As your fitness assistant, with the Very Fit Pro app, this smartwatch can accurately track all your daily exercise, steps, calorie consumption, heart rate, sleep, etc.


  • 9 activity modes
  • 5ATM waterproof
  • 24 hours continuous monitoring of heart rate, sleep and sleep quality analysis.
  • Receive alerts about phone calls, text messages, emails, calendars, social networks, etc.

We like UMIDIGI Uwatch3

It looks like an Apple Watch with exactly the same functions. Lightweight and comfortable Customers can enjoy the colorful 1.3-inch TFT screen. Easy to navigate and accurate fitness tracker.Don’t worry about wearing it when swimming or exercising in the rain.

Where we are not satisfied with UMIDIGI Uwatch3The selected option will restart itself without the user requesting a restart. The watch will sync with the app only when you reset the watch through the app and reset the settings.The user finds that the navigation device is more complicated than necessary, and presenting data is not convenient.


  • It can be used continuously for 10 days after being fully charged •Music Controller •Sedentary reminder • Sync data from watch to phone Disadvantage • Incorrect monitoring of exercise, heart rate or sleep • Burn the user’s skin
  • Music Controller
  • Sedentary reminder
  • Sync data from watch to phone


  • Incorrect monitoring of exercise, heart rate or sleep
  • Burn the user’s skin


This waterproof fitness watch is perfect for anyone looking for tools to motivate themselves to pursue an active lifestyle. Beginners will also find that this device is an excellent starter aid. It has many useful functions that can extend battery life (7 to 10 days), which benefits you a lot, so you can use it for a long time before you need to charge it between two uses.


  • Full touch high-definition color, easy to control and sensitive touch screen
  • 14 activity modes
  • IP68 waterproof (can be worn when swimming)
  • 24-hour continuous heart rate monitoring
  • Automatic monitoring and analysis of sleep quality

We like YAMAY

This cost-effective alternative is ideal for children or people who do not need all the comfort of more expensive models.Setting up this device is easy. Download the VeryFitPro application, synchronize the phone with the device, and then run the relevant updates. You can modify the functions to be activated and deactivated as needed.

We are not satisfied with YAMAY.Users found that the smart watch and mobile phone will be disconnected more than 10 feet apart. Alarms are not reliable, and emails will not appear on the clock.
The company is not fluent in English. This device may not be compatible with the US version of Samsung Galaxy J series phones (for example, Galaxy J3, J7, etc.)


  • Includes female health monitor
  • Two hours of battery charge can be used for 7-10 days
  • GPS connection
  • Automatically adjust the screen brightness to see the screen clearly in the sun


  • Unreliable and inconsistent readings from different displays
  • When there is no call through the phone, the smart watch will display a phone alert

4. Willful


This smart watch monitors health and fitness indicators in real time and provides you with comprehensive analytical readings to guide you to make the right decisions to develop a healthier lifestyle.


  • 9 sports modes
  • GPS connection
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Compatible with Android and iPhone

The full text message can be viewed on the display of this device. After synchronization, all alarms set on the phone will sound on the smart watch at the same time. Including medication alerts.With all sports and tracking functions, you will stay motivated all day long!

We don’t like Willful
The customer found that the automatic heart rate monitoring function could not be continuously monitored and found that the readings were incorrect. Pedometers and calorie consumption monitors also showed inconsistent and unreliable readings.


  • Sleep tracker records sleep quality (deep sleep, light sleep and wake time)
  • No mobile phone is required to use this smart watch
  • 9 sports modes
  • Access to music control


  • The readings from different displays are unreliable and inconsistent
  • When there is no call through the phone, the smart watch will display a phone alert

5. Kalakate


A fitness smartwatch that can track all-day activities, such as heart rate, sleep monitoring, steps, calories burned, distance training and breathing.


  • 54-inch easy-to-control touch-sensitive LCD color screen
  • 8 sports modes
  • Bluetoot
  • Compatible with iOS 9.0, Android 5.0 and higher smartphones. (Not applicable to PC, iPad or tablet)

We like Kalakate

The time can be adjusted to the military time setting over the phone. You can check the training effect, heart rate and check the alarms on your phone.Able to see the screen in the sun. The screen will turn on when the wrist is intentionally raised.

We don’t like Kalakate

It cannot be paired with the phone, so it keeps sending Bluetooth requests. Sometimes you will not receive phone messages.


  • raincoat
  • Easy to use
  • 15-day weather forecast including humidity and UV


  • I can’t answer the phone
  • Not very durable

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