Top 6 Electric Skateboards 2020 Review – Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

We’ve seen a lot of technological change in almost everything we use… Even the ski boards you used to push or drag with your feet and do something.

Technology is developed, implemented and advanced for good.

Large electric motors have an awesome sound that you remember to be very small – small enough to fit inside your skateboard, powered by a battery and turn the electric skateboard.

YUP electric skateboards!

And today, I will take you to my complete review of the 6 best electric skateboards in 2020, which I have accumulated research days and I believe will give you a better feel for the game.

6 Best Electric Skateboards Review

Here are 6 of our best skateboard brands of 2020. Take your time to go through these reviews and check out what each electric skateboard has to offer you

Boosted Dual+

Boosted Dual + is not only the fastest electric skateboards available on the market, but also equipped with the latest technology.

It is famous for its excellent quality and long life. While the skateboard gives you superior features, it focuses on unbeatable high speed.

Board mileage is slightly smaller, 7 miles in ECO mode and 6 miles in professional mode, average.

However, you’ll love the renewable recharge method of the electric longboard I was talking about earlier, and it helps to get battery power and ultimately give you some extra cash. And don’t worry if you’ve ever turned off the battery, you can always push it with your feet like a regular electric  skateboard.

Most impressive thing of electric skateboard is the battery charging time, which is only one hour and four times less than standard car chargers that can take up to 5 hours to fully charge.

Because high speed requires incredible power, Dual + does not select this. This electric longboard has power of  2000W and can easily climb hills and give you a smooth ride in the most challenging terrain. Also, it offers a 25% higher slope speed compared to the top five electric skateboards on the market.

When you apply the brakes of electric longboard, a large amount of power is restored, and this restores the battery power used.

It weighs only 15 pounds [15 kg] with a 27-inch desk and 10 inches wide which is great for carrying around wherever you want. As the length is small, it provides excellent manoeuvr capability.

Ideally, the battery of this skateboard is designed to last 2000 cycles, but it works better than that. Depending on your use, the battery can last up to five years of daily charging.

Finally, its remote, Bluetooth-enabled, is easy to use. There are LED lights on this remote control that will tell you that the price range is left and this skateboard is not useful for night use.




  • Brilliant skateboard with a powerful 2000w motor
  • Ideal length, width and weight for perfect maneuverability
  • 22 mph top speed, regenerative braking and 25% grade hill climb
  • Warranty coverage with customer support


  • Mediocre mileage


Evolve Skateboards Carbon GT Series

The price of this skateboard is probably the first thing you will see. Costs can discourage many consumers. However, if you look at the features and performance of Evolve skateboard, you will see that its price is reasonable.

The power, performance, and flexibility of this electric skateboard are considered high notch compared to most competitors.

If you look at its features, one of the most notable features is the 3,000-watt car. The custom car will allow the electric skateboard to operate at top speeds of up to 26 mph.

Unless it is powerful, it does not fail to impress when it comes to touch. This electric skateboard is not like many other heavyweights and bullies. You won’t have a problem bringing it with you.

All parts of the electric skateboard show premium quality, which is why the price is right for you. For example, it has 7-inch wheels all that can hold almost any position while making sure you have a smooth ride.

The digital LCD remote that comes with the skateboard is also to be commended. This redefines how you will control its different functions. It also makes it new. The remote control will allow you to select from the four speed settings where the skateboard works. There is also a simple battery indicator.

Speaking of the battery of this unit, it is fitted with a lithium battery, which can run a distance of up to 31 miles if fully charged.



  • High-quality construction
  • Sleek and elegant body
  • Delivers a comfortable ride


  • Expensive

Teamgee H5 37” with Wireless Remote Control

The manufacturer makes good claims for excellence with this product. They say it’s the thinnest electric skateboard you can find on the market today. Indeed, the board is small, which also reduces weight. This is also helpful for adding board flexibility.

Additionally, you will also love the powerful car that is integrated with the unit, providing assurance that the performance will not be disappointing. It has two 380 watts power motors. With a car, it can run at top speeds of up to 22 miles per hour.

In addition to the car, an efficient battery should also be considered. This is not one of those skateboards that will quickly drain the battery despite its power. According to technical specifications from the company, it has a 36-volt lithium-ion battery. On average, it takes about two hours for the battery to fully charge.

It is also different because of its construction. With this, you can expect that it will be able to withstand the test over time. It would be safe to say that it combines both form and function. It has a 10-ply board made of Canadian map and 1-ply fiberglass. At present, the average weight is 200 pounds.




  • Comes with an ultra-thin board
  • Durable construction
  • Board has a decent flex


  • May continue moving even after dropping the remote

Evolve Skateboards – Bamboo GTX Series

This comes from the same manufacturer as the original product we reviewed in this post. Both parts share similar features, but the biggest difference is that this model comes with a bamboo board. The latter is known for its versatility compared to other solid materials. With this, it shows the perfect combination of power and style.

According to the manufacturer, the average width of the skateboard is 18.5 miles, or there are certain factors that will influence that, including the rider’s weight and position. Top speeds, on the other hand, range from 22 to 25 mph.

It also comes with a magnetic remote control with a trigger mounted on it, making it easy to operate.

You do not have to worry about your comfort while riding on a skateboard. No matter what the situation, you can be assured of a smooth ride. This is due to the flexible desk and the ability of the wheels to absorb the pressure and more impact from the ground instead of being transferred to your body.

Users will also be happy with the variety of options available. For example, there is the Eco mode, which offers less mobility and uses less battery. You can also choose to go faster or slower, depending on the speed you want.




  • Excellent flexibility
  • Smooth ride in different terrains
  • Comes with an Eco Mode


  • Battery quality can be better



With different widths and speeds, this is another option that should be on your radar. The top speed of this model is 17 mph. Currently, the top speed is 10 mph for full battery charge. Power comes from 4.4Ah, which can be fully charged within just 2.5 hours.

The original desk design is something you will see in this product. There are six layers of maple wood, two layers of teck bamboo, and grip tape. The combination of these elements is great in terms of ensuring its flexibility and durability. The tape grip, on the other hand, will provide assurance that it will not be too slippery. Your feet will stay in place!

Comes with ergonomic wireless remote. Holding the remote will be easier due to its shape. Also, there will be no power to accelerate and slow down. It is also better than many others because of its ability to run backwards.

Depending on the circumstances, there are two ways to get around. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional, there is a setting that will suit your skills. There is also a skateboard holding function, which makes it easy to get in and out of the board.

Lastly, it is integrated with a 350-watt brushless hub motor, which is better when compared to a belt-driven car. One of the main advantages is that it is quiet, which will give you a comfortable ride.




  • Excellent speed
  • Sturdy construction
  • Has a reverse function


  • Remote connection can be prone to failure


Vokul V1 Cruiser

Like most models you can see in this review, it offers great scope and speed. If you fully charge the battery, the maximum distance is up to 10 miles. Currently, it has a top speed of 13 mph. The power of this skateboard comes from its 4.4Ah lithium battery that will be fully charged within two hours.

It is also difficult to compare when it comes to its strength and durability. One of the reasons for this is the construction of a desk, consisting of 7 layers of maple wood. With this, it is able to support a maximum weight of 200 pounds. Even tires are made using new bumping materials and excellent stability. You can expect a smooth ride in various locations. Wheel construction also plays a very important role in your safety.

The skateboard comes with a 350-watt hub motor, also known for its power. This will make it easier to climb even the hills and will make it easier to achieve its maximum speed.

In the meantime, there is a program to renew the brakes. This allows the width to be extended between certain conditions.

When a product is shipped, it is already fully packaged. This means that there is no need to go through complicated procedures regarding its meeting. Ready for use outside the box.




  • Comes with a solid board
  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Guarantees a smooth ride


  • Remote reception can be weak



How to Choose Motorized Skateboard

Now it may seem silly even to have a guide to buying a skateboard, but you can end up buying the wrong product or spend the money with a lot of fun when you can get a better product at a more expensive price.

For that reason and a few others, and whether it is your first skateboard, here is everything you need to know about buying a motorized skateboard.

When I say electricity, most people may think of speed and miles, but it is more than that.

After spending hours, here are 11 checks to do before tapping the “Order Button”.

Quality of Wheels

The wheels will determine the overall quality of your board, and are probably the most important factor to consider.

There are two types of wheels:

  • Generic
  • Clone wheels

Generic wheels are branded, while clone wheels are brandless.

Of course, clone tires will not give you quality as they are made at a low price, also known as urethane tires, which have not been properly treated.

This will reduce the mileage, will reduce, and even scatter, which can be dangerous over time.

On the other hand, electric skateboards with regular wheels will give you better speed, mileage and longevity.

You do not have to save money to buy a three-tiered skateboard. That is great NOPE!


Battery Cell Quality

The speed and mileage of your skateboard depends on the quality of the battery cell and most importantly the skateboard manufacturer must disclose the type and type of battery cells they use on their electric skateboard.

Don’t be confused!

It’s as simple as understanding the difference between Duracell compared to a standard product.

Which will last longer…?

Electric Skateboard manufacturers that use high quality battery cells will tell you clearly about its product, more information and specifications.

You can have a clear idea of ​​the quality of battery cells easily from its specs and type.

The reasons why bad cells should be avoided are that they will also affect the car and its efficiency. To save extra money, you must not deceive yourself.


While you don’t have to be an expert here and it would be absurd to say that a certain electric skateboard is 100% immune from any connection problems, whether small or occasional.

However, you still need to focus on connectivity issues and check out customer reviews who should use the skateboard.

Alternatively you can join the appropriate forums and communities where you will find real users of the product and post a question about the skateboard connection you are about to purchase.

This will help you better evaluate which skateboard offers the best connections or the worst.

Again, statements may vary from person to person, and you have to make a decision based on what you think is best for you.

Weight & Portability

Find your way. Are you the one who travels from place to place without taking a break or do you always get off, carry, sit down and have to choose public transport?

Simply put, you may have a work schedule where you have to manage your skateboard a lot.

Perhaps, your electric skateboard is the only means of transportation to get to town and catch a train or bus.

This is where weight and stress come into play and it requires deep thought. It should be in harmony with your lifestyle; otherwise you will have a hard time.

It is not necessary for a large skateboard to be overweight. You will find good recommendations below where the skateboard is very large and extremely light.

Also, take a look at the make-up and find out how the builder has made storage and portability for its users easy or difficult.

Friendly advice here is not to go down below the height of a 27-inch canopy; otherwise you will have a hard time enjoying the stability of the board.

Similarly, make no mistake about buying a long, heavy, 11kg and 41-inch board that can be hard to carry all day.

The appropriate board weight and length of the stand, ready to go and carry 7kg and 27-inch.

However, you should decide why you need the board and how you will use it throughout the day.


Air Travel-Friendly


Asking yourself “is my board going well in the air” after buying it would be a big mistake.

Ask this question before your purchase.

There are a lot of electric skating boards built with air thought, and we often realize that people go with their skateboards.

If you think there is little chance of you taking your new electric skateboard for a commercial air travel, it is best to think carefully before buying.

Now what makes the air board move so easily?

It is easy to understand. Any board battery of 99Wh board or less is 100% capable of boarding a plane.

But there are exceptions to this rule.

If the battery pack cannot be separated from the skateboard without the use of tools, there may be a dispute.

Laws, rules and regulations are different from whether a lithium electrical board is an asset or a continuous one.

It is also best to go through the rules before passing through the safety zone, otherwise you may lose your board immediately.


Water Resistant

As it is electricity, water resistance is something to consider.

It is truly amazing that most of these commercial boards have nothing to offer in terms of environmental branding.

Although you will not board a board during the rainy season or deliberately walk through the water; you may find yourself in a situation where there is water near you. Think of the spray!

Obviously this will not kill your new board but it will face problems such as connecting or speed issues, and that is why water resistance should be installed on your electric skateboard.

However, you are not totally obliged to buy it. It all depends on your own decision and risk assessment, which obviously varies from person to person

Brand Reputation

Technology is something you can always get better but not ‘perfect’.


The same goes for power boards – You can’t get perfect. However, there are some ways you can make sure you get a good board.

It is often possible to buy something without researching what other people say about it or bother reading its reviews online.

Although opinions are influenced by personal feelings, it is by no means a bad idea to join appropriate forums on Reddit, Facebook and elsewhere for research purposes.

This can give you a realistic picture of what you will find, tell you about the reputation of the product and what feature we can offer you.

You have to feel the good and the bad and compare it with the product itself.

And as I said above, there is no perfect skateboard, so it all depends on your risk assessment and the list of needs and requirements at that time.

The real draw here is to always choose a reputable product and not the one from the outside, or you have never heard of it before. These companies often have a history of unexplained development, and they are not visible in explaining to their customers the production process.

In fact, such products make fun of you and rob you of your money by simply buying cheap and low-cost electric sliding boards from China, pasting their cheap logo on it and charging innocent people up to 10 times the original cost.

It is far better to invest more in a reputable product than to save extra money on a poor product or scam.

Component Quality

Steel is metal but not all metals are of the same quality. Similarly, not all tables, wheels, and engines are arranged inside an electric skateboard of the same quality.

This is what makes passengers stand out from the rest.

When you buy cheap board, the obvious idea I draw is cheap construction, cheap engines and cheap electric company… All cheap and useless product.

You should be buying something that fits your purpose and not the shelf product below.

Do you remember the Enlarged Board V1? It hit the market even though it was a bad distance, it was still a big hit, and the reason was Loaded bed, Orangatang wheels, Caliber trucks and much more.

The same applies to your electric skateboard. The quality of a part depends on how much the manufacturer or product you buy from it cares for its customer.

A few manufacturers simply make mergers and sell at higher profit margins, in some cases which may be a good product, but what is the most common standard.

Control & Stability

Wouldn’t it be great to buy an electric skateboard combined with quality and control products?

Having full control and efficiency of your skateboard can give you the best feeling of your investment.

It comes down to the individual approach to quality testing. Once again I would talk about doing research for the forum. Ask people who have used that product and read reviews about it online.

Warranty & Customer Service

You don’t buy Easter eggs here. IT’S THE ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD, and something big comes to mind.

You buy goods that will be used for your daily commute. It’s like buying a car, and a company that informs its customers will always have a guarantee policy and customer service.

I believe that when you buy a board, you develop a long-term bond with it and you deserve it.

When you buy a skateboard, make sure it has a warranty label on it, and the company offers the highest quality customer service.

Why buy a new board without warranty or customer support?


Brakes & Bidirectional Drive

Lastly know before you buy an electric skateboard with brakes and bidding driving. All boards have a braking system that converts movement into electricity, also known as regenerative braking. What it does is restore energy instead of wasting it like heat.

Your own skateboard should have a well-functioning baking system and a complete useful reverse drive. Imagine you missed a coffee shop while texting. Instead of scanning the board, simply use its reverse mode.


Electric skateboards are a major technological change. We have tried our best to reduce the field in the best ways available in the market so that you can get your hands on the best products that offer outstanding features.





Boosted Dual+

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Evolve Skateboards

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Teamgee H5

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Bamboo GTX Series

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Vokul V1 Cruiser

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