Best WiFi Range Extender 1 mile

Best WiFi Range Extender 1 mile: Most homes have good WiFi access indoors, but not the same outdoors. This guide explains how to choose the best outdoor WiFi extender and why you want it. On warm summer evenings, this is not just the joy of working on a laptop. With the popularity of smart homes, the demand for strong WiFi signals outside the external walls is also growing.

WiFi range extenders are also known by the names of wireless repeaters, amplifiers, and wireless access points. The concept is simple, but you still need to make sure that your product can provide what you need. check website for more update tips and trick and gadgets

How the WiFi range extender works

The function of the Wi-Fi range extender is to extend your Internet connection outward. It allows you to use computers and Internet-connected devices in sheds, barns, and garages. The best extenders allow you to connect multiple devices at the same time for a long time. Part of the indoor WiFi (host network) leaks to the outside through the wall.

Therefore, the WiFi range extender becomes an amplifier that “repeats” the host signal to increase its coverage. You can think of it as a bridge that relays internal signals to places where there is no signal. This is a simple concept and works well when configured correctly.

How to choose the right product

Not all WiFi extenders have the same price, quality, range of features. Before buying a new product, you need to consider four things:

  1. Must be compatible with your router
  2. Advantages of indoor wireless settings
  3. The outdoor area you want to cover
  4. Build quality and test

The extender must be compatible with your current router to work properly. Some newer products are universal. Similarly, strong equipment cannot enhance weak signals. If indoor WiFi is not satisfactory, the signal can only be propagated below the average outdoor level. If your connection indoors is strong, the extender can repeat the connection outdoors within its range, albeit slightly weaker.

Tip: Before buying anything, please check whether the maximum range of the extender meets your needs.

IP rating definition

Make sure that the extender is used exclusively outdoors. This means it must be resilient and able to withstand extreme weather and temperature. All products should be displayed in the specifications called IP (Intrusion Protection) rating. The IP rating tells you the product’s resistance to dust and water. The first number after IP indicates solids, and the second number indicates water.

The solid protection level ranges from 1 to 6, and the water protection level ranges from 1 to 8. The higher the number, the better the outdoor protection effect. Therefore, the highest level of all equipment is IP68 (6 + 8). The first WiFi range extender reviewed in this guide has an IP65 degree of protection. This makes it dustproof and able to withstand sprays from various angles. For outdoor WiFi extenders, this level of dustproof and waterproof performance is completely acceptable.

Mesh WiFi system

Mesh WiFi system is an interesting concept. They include the main router and two or more nodes or satellite modules placed in different locations. Connect your laptop or another internet-enabled device to the nearest grid to ensure the best signal. When you use a WiFi extender, you will have two mesh networks. One network talks to the router, and the other network talks to the extender. This means no switching.

A high-quality indoor mesh WiFi system can provide sufficient outdoor coverage without the need for an extender. It can contain an area of ​​5,000 square feet. even more. This should provide enough signal leakage for nearby outdoor WiFi.

About my “Outdoor WiFi Range Extender” guide

Since there are not many outdoor home WiFi range extenders, there is not much research to be done. However, it is important to choose materials that are not harmed by the elements. In addition, some products are more reliable than others, and I found 8 products worth reviewing. The first three are for the “best budget” extension, followed by “best value” and “preferred”.


TP-Link CPE210 Outdoor WiFi Transmitter

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Omni Outdoor Antenna Wireless Extender

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WAVLINK AC1200 WiFi Range Extender

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TUOSHI N4000 Outdoor WiFi Extender Antenna

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Bearifi WiFi Bear Extender for Outdoors

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1. TP-Link CPE210 Outdoor WiFi Transmitter | Best Budget

The best budget option is TP-Link, a 2×2 bidirectional polarized MIMO antenna, which is a cost-effective solution for users who wish to extend their home wireless network to foreign countries.

  • Best feature 1: Affordable outdoor wireless network solution
  • Best function 2: Can work normally in all climates and extreme weather conditions
  • Advantages: advanced antenna, 5km data transmission, CMS, well-known brand
  • Disadvantages: poor guidance, difficult to set up for beginners

Highlights of TP-Link CPE210 remote WiFi extender

TP-Link is a well-known brand and is always a good start. Its powerful outdoor directional antenna is very suitable for this type of extender. With the centralized Pharos Control management system, the product is stable and easy to manage. CPE210 has a cruising range of 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) under ideal conditions. The advanced system has a built-in high-gain dual-polarized antenna.

Other highlights include a dedicated metal reflector, adjustable transmit power and remote reset. You can use it in almost any climate, including extremely high and extremely low temperatures.

not too good

The instructions that came with the product were the biggest disappointment. For starters, they are too technical. Novice users should not rely on paper guides to search for YouTube videos. Even with patience, the installation process seems unnecessarily complicated. TP-Link CPE210 is a reasonably priced extender. If it is easier to install, it will be almost perfect.


  • Affordable products for WiFi networks
  • Function in all extreme climates
  • Easy to handle
  • 5km data transmission
  • Advanced antenna system
  • Pharos Control CMS
  • Great value for money


  • Misspelled instruction
  • Complex settings

2. Omni Outdoor Antenna Wireless Extender | Best Value

Omni Outdoor Antenna Wireless Extender | Best Value

Tupavco’s Omni TP551 wireless outdoor antenna extender got the most valuable slot. Use long-distance omnidirectional antennas to extend wireless networks.

  • Best feature 1: Fully weather-resistant glass fiber material
  • Best feature 2: Easy installation
  • Advantages: 3 feet long antenna, maximum distance of 1 mile, compatible with all wireless standards
  • Dead spots: unpainted and exposed to ultraviolet light, the range is too large

Highlights of Omni TP551 wireless outdoor extender

If you want to create a personal or public WiFi access point, please consider using an Omni outdoor antenna. The product is made of glass fiber radome material, making it completely weather resistant. Installation is easy with pre-installed female N-type connectors and mounting hardware. The space-saving 3-foot-long vertical design makes it ideal for use on roofs, parked RVs, boats, indoors or wherever needed.

TP551 has done a great job in extending the existing wireless network (covering 1 mile). In this way, you can maintain a secure connection with your home router.

not too good

The product is weather resistant, but unpainted, and does not appear to have any Gelcoat coating. This means that if exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, it will deteriorate over time. To avoid any possible deterioration, it is recommended to apply a little exterior wall paint. The 1 mile range is too exaggerated. The instructions say that it is only possible under ideal conditions, although most users will not check the box.


  • Suitable for external and internal
  • Weather-resistant glass fiber material
  • Easy to install
  • Includes all installation accessories
  • 3 feet vertical antenna
  • Coverage up to 1 mile
  • Support all wireless standards
  • Good price


  • Unpainted surface
  • Potential to expand scope

3. WAVLINK AC1200 WiFi Range Extender | Top Pick

WAVLINK’s AC1200 high-power outdoor Wi-Fi range extender is the best choice. This is a carefully crafted product with IP65 weather resistance rating and built-in lightning rod.

  • Best feature 1: Full waterproof housing (IP65)
  • Best feature 2: Double speed
  • Advantages: multiple modes, built-in lightning rod, passive PoE support, security, LED
  • Negative film: very tricky to set up, LEDs are hard to see in the sun

WAVLINK AC1200 WiFi range extender highlights

WAVLINK AC1200 guarantees perfect performance over long distances. The three operating modes of this product provide you with a flexible wireless solution. They include wireless range extenders, wireless routers and wireless access points. The dual-band speed is 2.4GHz/150Mbs and 5.8GHz/867MBS. Support for Ethernet (POE) allows flexible implementation. With 802.1X / WAP / WPA2, security can be maximized.

This is a good supplement to houses and other buildings with weak structures or dead ends. There is no open space for proper placement and installation.

not too good

This kind of extender can work, but it can be tricky to set up, the more obstacles, the more difficult it is. It may be too sensitive to obstacles, especially large trees and walls. Either, or too directional. It’s best to find an optimal location and leave it there. It may be better if some users are installed on the poles. Another complaint is that it is difficult to see the signal strength LEDs in sunlight.


  • IP65 waterproof housing
  • Built-in lightning rod
  • Built-in high power amplifier
  • Dual frequency speed
  • Multiple modes
  • Passive PoE support
  • Highest security
  • Signal status indicator


  • It can be tricky to set up
  • LEDs are hard to see in the sun

4. TUOSHI N4000 Outdoor WiFi Extender Antenna

Learn about TUOSHI 2.4Ghz remote WiFi antenna extender. It is a compact and reasonably priced product. The range that users can expect is 4 times that of the built-in laptop and phone antennas.

  • Best feature 1: Reasonable price extender, excellent value for money
  • Best feature 2: Simple plug and play installation
  • Advantages: flexible installation, IP65 rating, long, shielded USB cable, directional antenna
  • Disadvantages: For beginners, it may be complicated and ambiguous to set up

Highlights of TUOSHI Outdoor N4000 WiFi Extender

Don’t delay because of low cost, because the performance of the N4000 matches the advertising. If you want Windows or Mac computers to connect to long-distance WiFi signals, please consider using this TUOSHI model. The higher the antenna, the better the result. Therefore, the roof may be the best location. It is a directional antenna, so you should point it in the right direction for best results.

There are 3 ways to install N400, namely bracket, pole or wall. TUOSHI’s N400 requires an R300 wireless router to work, and the price is about $30. It does not apply to third-party devices.

not too good

It is a cheap product, so please pinch a little salt to describe “high power”. It works the same way as advertising, but some users may need to play to get the coverage they need. In addition, download speeds are often inconsistent. However, there was no signal drop during the test. Finally, because the place is too vague, TUOSHI did not consider beginners to write instructions.



  • Affordable WiFi range extender
  • Flexible installation options
  • Use indoors or outdoors
  • IP65 weather resistance rating
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac
  • Shielded USB long cable
  • Directional antenna
  • Use MIMO and CCA technology


  • It can be tricky to set up
  • Inconsistent download speed
  • Vague description

5. Bearifi WiFi Bear Extender for Outdoors

The fifth comment is for the affordable Bearifi PB-P9Q1-HU02 BearExtender. It is an indoor/outdoor RV and marine USB WiFi extender, which can be used with a Windows computer.

  • Best feature 1: IP65 certification, can be used outdoors
  • Best feature 2: Easy to install
  • Advantages: long USB cable, UV protection and corrosion protection, 3 installation options
  • Disadvantages: economic support, limited use, and metal parts are easy to rust

Highlights of Bearifi Outdoor WiFi Bear Extender

BearExtender from Bearifi connects to your computer using the included 16-foot USB cable. You do not need AC power. You can get 2.4GHz enhancement from its built-in 10dBi antenna. There are 3 ways to install the device, namely desktop tripod, metal pole strap and Velcro pole strap. The IP65 certification of this product makes it suitable for outdoor use. It is also pretreated with anti-ultraviolet coating.

The antenna is directional. This means you must point in the right direction to pick up the strongest signal. A higher position usually leads to better results.

not too good

A detachable desktop tripod is welcome, but it is also very fragile and can easily break. The use of extensions is restricted and only works on Windows computers. It is not a product suitable for Apple, Android or Windows RT tablets and computers and devices. The metal on the back of the antenna and the pole mounting belt must be rusty and untreated. However, the house is well protected.


  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • IP65 certification
  • Easy to install and use
  • No AC power required
  • USB long cable
  • UV protection and corrosion protection
  • 3 installation options
  • Includes desktop tripod


  • Cheap stall
  • limited use
  • Metal parts are easy to rust

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